at Christmas

we do good deeds

Support of the Lernpraxis (Learning Technique Practice) Au

Reading, writing and arithmetic are core prerequisits for participating in our knowledge society.

Therefore, we are again foregoing customer gifts, this year for the benefit of the Lernpraxis Au, a charitable organization committed to the advancement of children with learning disabilities.

Why did we choose to support the "Lernpraxis"?
The "Lernpraxis" realizes a holistic approach, giving equal priority to talent, personality and character of a child. Their aim is to get through to the child via its strengths and to overcome any possible weaknesses by way of a respectful and trusting relationship.

Further information
Further information on the "Lernpraxis" is available under


For Christmas 2017, we did not wrap any presents. We preferred to save lives instead and decided to support the "HeroRats".